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Use these websites to research the life of Charles Dickens:

BBC History

BBC Primary History



Use these information sites to make notes about penguins.

National Geographic

BBC Nature

Penguin Facts

Penguin World


Research the impact of the Viking invasions of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

Homework Help

BBC Learner Guides


Use these links to find out more information about life in the trenches in World War 1.

BBC Schools

Life as a soldier

In the Trenches



Here you will find links to websites which will help you to research macaws for your non-chronological report.

Remember to only write notes, not copy sentences and whole paragraphs from these sites.

National Geographic

Learning About Rainforests

Animal Corner

Wilderness Classroom

Scarlet Macaw Facts

Creatures of the Amazon

Live Science

Rainforest Alliance


Use these links to research for your piece of discussion writing.

BBC Roman Invasion

Children’s History – Romans

The Roman Invasion

BBC Bitesize Guide

BBC Bitesize Clip

The Romans

Roman Facts

BBC – How did the Romans change Britain?

BBC – Roman Remains

Research what it is like to visit Antarctica. You can record the information in your own way (list, spidergram, tableā€¦), but you must include the following points: travel, animals, living conditions, work and play.

Lizzie’s Diary

Here are some useful revision links for your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test:

BBC Bitesize

Woodlands Games

Common Spellings


Use the resources on the iBoard to write your own newspaper report.

Cheese Hurling

Goat Rescue

Snake Escape

Here are some other news reports for you to write.

Snake Escape

Sculpture Theft

Robot Cleaner

Cheese Hurling

Missing Link



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