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Here are some useful revision links for your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test:

BBC Bitesize

Woodlands Games

Common Spellings


These links should help you with your homework task.

Grey Heron


Natterjack Toad

Canal Wildlife

UK Safari

Here are some links to help you with your Viking topic.

BBC Schools – Vikings

Primary Homework Help


Viking Comic Book

Viking Facts

More Viking Facts

The Vikings

Viking Quiz

A Viking Poem




Use these websites to help you with your multimedia presentations in ICT.

The Tudors – A helpful site covering many aspects of Tudor life.

Tudor Monarchy – A site detailing information about King Henry VIII and his wives.

Tudors – Links to many sites about the Tudors.

Tudor Facts – Interesting facts about the Tudors.

Tudor Britain – Different aspects of Tudor life.

You can also use them for general research and background information.

These websites should help you to find out more about river animals.

RSPB: Grey Heron


Natterjack Toad


UK Safari

Remember to hand your homework in on Tuesday 8th May!


Here are some links that might be useful for your task this week. Remember , there are also some useful sites listed here.

Task 3:

This week we have looked at Henry’s wives and thought about each of their lives. We know the reasons Henry married each of them and the ways in which they separated. We would like you to create a dating webpage for a either a new wife for Henry, or for one of the wives he had. You need to include a portrait and some key information to help him make a decision (likes and dislikes, ambitions, age, interests, family background, where they come from etc.)


Board games were very common in ancient Egypt and people from all levels of society played them. Many game boards from ancient Egypt have been found by archaeologists. However, the rules explaining how to play these games have not survived. By studying game boards and other evidence, experts have made some educated guesses about how these games were played.

This is your ICT task for this morning.

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Join the expedition to explore an Egyptian tomb. You will need to decipher hieroglyphs and examine various artefacts including a mummy.

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This website will tell you everything you need to know to mummify a body. Use your ideas from the lesson to help create your instruction booklet.

Link: How To Mummify A Body

Task 7:

The death mask of King Tutankhamun is one of the first things people think of whenever they think about Ancient Egypt. We want you to include this idea somewhere in your presentation. You could make a copy of the mask to wear on the day, or use the colours as inspiration for your layout—you might want to find out more about him and use that information in your presentation.

Click the picture below for a larger version.

King Tutankhamun's Death Mask

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