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Click on the link to complete addition pyramids. Challenge yourself to get 1000 pyramid points to see what happens!

Addition Pyramid

Use these links in your ICT Group time.

Make notes about the Vikings on paper. You will be using these notes to create a Viking booklet in the last week of this Half Term. Try concentrating on one particular aspect of their lives, such as ‘Viking Settlements’, or ‘Vikings at Sea’. Make sure you can read your notes and that they are detailed enough to help you write your booklet.

BBC Vikings

The Vikings

10 Viking Facts

Viking Information


Follow the link to answer the three questions you have been given.


Where did the Vikings come from?

Why did they leave their homeland?

Where did they travel to?

Follow this link for some e-safety advice.

Cyber Cafe

Order these negative numbers.

Negative numbers game.

Follow the link to play a counting game.

Counting Game

Use this website to help find out about the most visited art galleries in the world.

Art Galleries

For this game, you have to eat the ghost with the correct place value digit you have been asked for. Make sure you look carefully! Keep track of your scores on a whiteboard. I will be coming to check them later.

Math Man Game

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