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This link will help you to get goggles for our first task.


This is for more advanced editing html work:


Order these positive and negative numbers. Use a number line to help you if you need to.

Ordering Numbers Game

Use these links to help with your research on The Great Exhibition:

The British Library

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Victorian School


These links will help you with you research about travelling by sea in Victorian times:

The SS Great Britain

The Royal Victoria Dock





These links will help you find out more about steam power in the Victorian Era:

Victorian Workshop

Victorian Railways

These links will give you more information about Locomotion No. 1:

Grace’s Guide to Steam Locomotives

Daily Mail News Report


These links will help you find out about travelling by horse in the Victorian times:

Carriages in the Victorian Era

London Transport Museum

These links will help you find out more about Victorian bicycles:

Penny Farthing Information

Bicycles in 1891



Play this place value game. Keep track of your scores – Mrs Pitts wants to see them!

Mathman Place Value

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