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Use these links to help you with your ‘Rivers Around The World’ task.

The River Nile

River Nile

Amazon Fact File

Amazon River Facts

The Amazon River


Use these websites to research flooding. The information should help you put together a notebook file all about floods.

Think about having different pages for different topics, such as:

  • why rivers flood,
  • what the impact is on people and homes,
  • if flooding can be prevented,
  • preparing yourself in times of flooding.

Make your notebook as interesting as you can. Use your own words, don’t just copy and paste!

Environment Agency Website


Flood Prevention

Flooding In Your Area

Flood Barriers


For your homework this week, you have been asked to draw a landscape picture with certain river features on it. These websites will help you if you are stuck for ideas!

BBC Rivers and Coasts

BBC Nature

Features of a River

Good luck!

These websites should help you to find out more about river animals.

RSPB: Grey Heron


Natterjack Toad


UK Safari

Remember to hand your homework in on Tuesday 8th May!


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