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Here you will be able to practise your skills at identifying 3D shapes. You will need to know the properties of common 3D shapes to help you in the challenge.

CBBC 3D Shape Challenge

You are working on your own today, so you need to focus carefully!

Use these links to complete activities on sorting triangles.

Activity 1 – Scroll down to’triangle sort’ and click on the picture. The activity will load from there.

Activity 2 – Sort these shapes as they whizz past. Click on them to make them stay still!


Match the shapes to survive the game!

Congruent Shape Game

Sort these shapes according to their properties.

Shape Sorter

Help Dick and Dom to solve the mystery by exploring the properties of 2D shapes.

BBC Shape Game

Take part in a 3D shape mission.

Shape Mission


These are the websites and activities we looked at in today’s lesson:

Here are the links you need to get the videos. They are stored at, a free to use file sharing web site, so clicking the links will open a new window where you can download the file from.

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