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Here are some links to help you improve your Numeracy skills.

BBC Skillswise: Multiplication Introduction

BBC Skillswise: Multiplication Conveyor Belt Game

BBC Skillswise: Fridge Magnet Game

BBC Skillswise: 3 Level Multiplication Quiz

BBC Skillswise: Multiplication by splitting – great for practising grid method

Speed Grid Multiplication Challenge

Sum Sense: Multiplication

Multiplication Facts Puzzles

BBC Schools: Multiplication Activity 1

BBC Schools Multiplication Quiz


Here are some games for you to play to improve your Literacy skills.

BBC Revisewise

TES Literacy Games

Literacy Bootcamp – you can only use the first 6 days of this…

Woodlands Literacy Games


You can use these links to find out more about Red Nose Day and play games connected to this special day.

The Red Nose Day Website

BBC Website


Use this link to look at a solar system database.


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