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Use these links to learn all about Brussels Sprouts!

11 wonderful benefits of sprouts

Sprouts Facts

11 things you probably didn’t know about sprouts


Use this webpage to complete the solve challenge.


These links will help you find out when events happened in the Viking era.

Primary Homework Help

The Viking Museum

BBC Bitesize – The Vikings



Follow this link to find out what your ‘Solve’ challenge is.

N Rich – Becoming a Maths Detective

Use these links to play three different games.

Evaluate each one on the sheet you have been given.


Garden Gnomes

Dr Who

Pac Man

Use these websites to research the life of Charles Dickens:

BBC History

BBC Primary History



Use this website to complete the tessellation task.

Tessellating Shapes

Use these information sites to make notes about penguins.

National Geographic

BBC Nature

Penguin Facts

Penguin World


What do these blogs have in common?

Who is their audience?

Are they effective? How?

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Use this link to complete the computing task.

Ancient Greece Facts

Use these links to research the Ancient Olympics.

BBC Primary History

Ancient Greece Olympics

The Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics

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