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You can use these links to revise the work we have done so far this half term.

Addition Pyramid

Ordering Negative Numbers

Place Value

Decimal Place Value


Addition Machine

Subtraction Machine

There are 3 levels to complete on this addition pyramid.

Addition Pyramid

Here are two missions for you to complete. Take care and don’t lose too many lives!

Number Sequences

Negative Number Sequences

If you finish both challenges, you can go back and play again – the numbers will change!

You need your headphones for this task.

Sequence the numbers from smallest to largest.

Sequencing Game

Use a number line if you need one.

Play this game to help you multiply and divide by 10.

Plane Game

If you feel confident with this, then move on to multiplying by 100.

Follow the instructions carefully! There are two levels to complete. See how long it takes you to do each one.

Place Value Drag

You can have more than one go at each level – try and beat your time each go.


If you have time, you could try the decimal version too:

Decimal Place Value Digit Drag

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